The Week That Was…

This week was a bit mixed up and not my usual week, we had a ‘cyclone’ Friday and that made some things a bit tricky (see the thing about cyclones is you just don’t know when to take them super seriously or when to be a bit slack about it…I err on the side of caution and also make sure we are prepared).

I had a gym buddy this week too, how awesome is it to train with a friend?! Makes the time just fly by.

Monday: Legs day and I had planned a run with my girlfriends, which fell through with last minute babysitting falling through for one of the girls.  I added PBs to my leg weights this week J

Tuesday: Chest/Shoulders/Triceps and 20 minute HIIT on the Rowing Machine (1 minute sprint and 1 minute steady).

Wednesday: Back/Biceps/Abs and 20 minute HIIT on the Elliptical Trainer (30 seconds fast as I could and 1 minute recovery).

Thursday: Unscheduled rest day.

Friday: Modified my training so I could complete my workout at home, couldn’t get to the gym.  Legs in the morning and Shoulders in the afternoon.  No cardio because I did the 2 sets of training.

Saturday: Walk in the morning before breakfast (with my girlfriends) and then Back session.

Sunday: Hill run/walk with my girlfriends and my running stroller (with my toddler inside…because running with an empty stroller would be totally weird).

My goals are not primarily to lose weight. I want to lose body fat and lean out while building muscle and this type of training and eating will get me the results I am after.

A body that is earned

I did 7 weeks of Jamie Eason’s LiveFit program and wasn’t seeing results (sometimes a one size fits all program just doesn’t work).  So I sort the help of a trainer, she wrote a meal plan for me (specific to me and my goals) and a training program.  I have just finished my second week with her, I feel fantastic and I am SEEING results!!

My food was spot on apart from some banana bread on Thursday.  I post my food everyday on IG, so if you’re interested in that then head over to InstaGram and check it out.  High carb day tomorrow…that makes a sweet potato loving gal really happy!

How was your week? What kind of training do you do?

Yours in health

Jess xx



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5 thoughts on “The Week That Was…

  1. Cyclones?! We’re just dealing with a bunch of snow storms over here in the east coast of America. It’s fine when I’m home safe, but I’m soooo over driving in the snow. Great job with all those workouts, I need to make a set schedule! Today is day 1 of my loose version of the Whole30… looking forward to seeing my tummy debloat!

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  3. Nice to read about your daily workout routine! Im going to start on Jamie eason’s program and see if it works for me. I did contact your friend who helped with your meal plan and training and i told her i’ll do the jamie program first then email her for additional help :) i got your email on IG, sorry havent written to you yet, i’ve been traveling and just got home so i’ll email you as soon as I get back to work :)

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